Night Crowned – “Hädanfärd”

Night Crowned – “Hädanfärd” (Noble Demon)
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Losing no sleep whatsoever, Night Crowned return after only a year with their sophomore following their critically acclaimed debut “Impius Viam”! A melodic black / death band made up of well-known names like drummer J. Jaloma (Aeon, Dark Funeral, Despite, Imperium, Reverorum ib Malacht, Ruined Soul, ex-Anubis, ex-Deals Death, ex-Evocation, Ironmaster, ex-Bloodshot Dawn, ex-Chronic Torment, ex-Diabolical (live), ex-Walking Corpse (live)), bassist / guitarist H. Liljesand (Cipher System, ex-Eternal Grief, ex-Nightrage, ex-The Unguided, ex-Dead by April, ex-Lavett, ex-My Collapse), guitarist / vocalist J. Eskilsson (Cipher System, ex-Eternal Grief, ex-Dead by April) and vocalist K. Romlin (ex-Dark Forest of North, ShutUp, The UnNamed Horrors, Uppstigning, ex-Disrated, ex-2 the Gallows), “Hädanfärd” continues the high standard in 9 encounters with death, as inspired by a story from Eskilsson carried with emotional, atmospheric depth and infernal, bleak intensity! Indeed, for as the haunting intro touches you through its dark embrace on ‘Nattkrönt’, the shock of the blast beating is literally like a hammer drill going off as Jaloma destroys his snare, while the stylish decadent Nordic riffs bask in blood and glory as the mix of harsh and clean vocals adds its mesmerising contrast to undeniable effect. Screaming and slashing in on ‘Gudars Skymning’, the ensuing dramatic riffs and roars work brilliantly with the shimmering melodies before the tempo slows to include ambiance in this sophisticated mix of styles pulled off brilliantly by Night Crowned’s excellent musicianship. Ending with ‘Endslingen’, Jaloma’s fierce double bass beat is unrelenting as ambient keys dance hand in hand with screamo, roars, melodic fretboard scaling and Nordic riffs in an unforgettable mix that brings an epic end to this impressive album. Rest assured, “Hädanfärd” is sure to leave its mark just as its predecessor did!
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