Night Demon – “Curse Of The Damned”


Night Demon – “Curse Of The Damned” (Steamhammer / SPV)

I wonder if these guys know Lars Ulrich ha ha – hailing from sunny Ventura County this Cally trio have their mop heads buried in the early 80s and especially the NWOBHM era! Taking inspiration right across the globe expect to hear soulful vocals echoing the likes of Riot’s Guy Speranza, Steve Harris’s bass sound, Motorhead’s chugging rhythm, Diamond Head’s groove and the dark, mystical melodies of Angel Witch rearing their collective headbanging heads on songs like ‘Screams In The Night’, ‘Heavy Metal Heat’ and ‘Run For Your Life’. Formed only 2 years ago, Night Demon released 2 EPs covering the likes of ‘Axe Crazy’ by Jaguar and Golden Earring’s ‘Radar Love’ which have already caused quite a stir here in Europe, unsurprisingly really since classic or ‘true’ Heavy Metal still holds a craving for many a slavering headbanger across nations, and most especially for those of us who lived during that era (denim jackets eh – Ed). Given the plethora of retro HM bands out there, what stands out with Night Demon is not just their authentic sound and songs from that classic era, but just how many styles and subtle but instantly recognizable hooks grace each of the 11 brand new tracks on this debut full-length. Close your eyes and you are back in the 80s, head shaking, arms raised in between playing that air guitar man – yeh! Having done tours with Raven and Samhain in 2014, cult labels like High Roller releasing their stuff and now the megaton renowned Steamhammer / SPV stepping in for this excellent album, even Metallica’s first guitarist Lloyd Grant has been jumping up onstage to jam with this talented band who have their fingers on the pulse of the still beating heart of heavy metal in all its glory!

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