NIGHT DEMON “Night Demon”

”Night Demon”
(Shadow Kingdom)
NIGHT DEMON are new to me. But since it is Shadow Kingdom that releases this record it does come with some high hopes. Seeing how the label has specialized in releasing old school sounding heavy metal I can safely assume that NIGHT DEMON will be something like that too. The first thing that hit me when the first track started was how much it made me think of Raven and Jaguar. This is totally NWOBHM-ism. If you wasn’t there the first time around you might have heard of it from your big brothers or parents. NWOBHM was the birth place for modern heavy metal. No NWOBHM, no Metallica. NIGHT DEMON might have a sound that is old but they sure came as a breath of fresh air to me today. I will never stop loving the whole NWOBHM sound. Anders Ekdahl

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