NIGHT OF THE WORLD “Drive The Knife Deeper”

“Drive The Knife Deeper”
You might think whatever you like about the Polish black metal scene but there is no denying that over the years we’ve seen some really cool acts emerge from the home of countless Popes. That the Polish black metal acts don’t like Christianity comes as no surprise. When the Catholic church is a dominant as it is you gotta rebel against it. This is just as Polish as I imagined it to be. It reminds me of a whole host of different Polish extreme metal acts that I’ve enjoyed over the years. Hearing this is like hearing Brazilian Krisiun for the first time. You are just blown away. Primitive doesn’t necessarily have to mean bad. In the case of NIGHT OF THE WORLD less is more. This is full on, go for the throat kind of stuff that makes me feel alright. Anders Ekdahl

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