NIGHT TERRAIN “American Dream”

“American Dream”
I have no expectations whatsoever on this album. Something that can be a relief at times. It is nice to come to an album with a mind so empty that it feels like you are born again. The band name doesn’t give away anything either. This could be stoner, doom, death, black or whatever metal. I do kinda expect this to be black metal but with USBM you pretty much don’t know what you’ll get. So I think I’ll just leave my mind blank until I’ve heard the album and then make my mind up as to what it is and what I think of it. I don’t know why but for some reason I come to think of Native American history whenever I think of Night Terrain. Don’t know how right I am in assuming so but that’s a feeling I can’t shake. There is a desolate feeling to the music, the same kind of feeling I get when I think of the reservations and life on them. This is not metal that makes me happy. This made me think though and that can’t be a bad thing either way you turn. Anders Ekdahl

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