Night Viper – “Night Viper”


Night Viper – “Night Viper” (Svart Records)

Ever wondered what Metallica might’ve sounded like if they had Anne Boleyn on vocals – and drums – then check out Night Viper! Formed when guitarist Tom Sutton (Horisont, The Order Of Israfel, ex-Church Of Misery) met hellion vocalist Sofie-Lee Johansson, they were soon joined by drum vixen Jonna Karlsson, along with the folk-tastic stylings of Emil Ridderstolpe on guitar and the fast fingers of bassist Ruben Åhlander. Since then Night Viper have played at Heavy Days In Doomtown, Muskelrock and Geggan festivals, along with gigs throughout Sweden, and more recently a European tour with shows in Germany, Denmark and The Czech Republic with good friends Demon Head. Now comes this debut and I can see what all the fuss about! If Metallica weren’t racing so fast on “Kill ‘Em All’, sounded more heavy metal and Hetfield was a chick, then Night Viper would be close. Take those monster swinging Metalli – riffs that make any true headbanger froth at the mouth, keep those wild Mustaine solos and then add to them some very Maiden Dave Murray melodies and chances are you might be listening to ‘Run For Cover’, ‘Dagger In Hand’ or ‘The Wolverine’. Sofie-Lee is an absolute gem plucked out’ve obscurity who’s turned out some very classy vocals indeed, considering this is her first band, matching sultriness with power and enough sass to give any male contender the finger. Along with a youthful energy reflected in the enthusiastic performance on this debut, you can literally feel the excitement in the studio – along with plenty of bangovers afterwards I would imagine. Definitely a hot-rockin’ heavy metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden!

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