NIGHTBITCH “Chainmaker”

I don’t recall hearing that many metal bands coming from Connecticut. Not that the geographic location really matter. What matter is of the music is any good or not? That is all that I care for really. At times there is a certain ring to a band’s location too but that is more of an academic interest than musical. I get a 70s feel to this band. A really cool groove that will carry the music to heights of greatness. And I’m not that far off really. This grooves like hell and there is that 70s feeling lurking in the back ground. This is some pretty organic hardrock/metal. I’d say that if you like bands like Saintt Vitus or Pentagram or early Danzig you might like this too. They pretty much operate in the same kind of groove. This is doomy and groovy. I like it. Anders Ekdahl

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