Nightfall – “Cassiopeia”

Nightfall – “Cassiopeia” (Metal Blade Records)

One of the three pillars of the Greek metal scene, Nightfall was the kicking start for Bob Katsionis (Firewind); George Kollias (Nile); George Bokos (ex Rotting Christ); Mark Cross (bit of Helloween and ex Hammerfall), and now Constantine who joined Primal Fear on stage! Formed in 1991 by vocalist Efthimis Karadimas, in many ways Nightfall went beyond the boundaries of Greece by being on a French label in the early part of their career and today having a multi cultural line up including American guitarist Evan Hensley and German drummer Jörg Uken. Equally so, the sound of the band is both diverse and hard to fathom, but comes together amazingly in mixing elements of goth keyboards, melodic death breaks, power metal soloing and even symphonic black riffs on songs like ‘The Reptile Gods’, ‘Astropolis’ and ‘Oberon & Titania’, which draw from ancient history and definitely have an air of mystique. Interestingly, despite being the founder of the band, Efthimis’s own vocals alternate to suit each song and that seems to reflect the laid back, if at times unpredictable career of his enigmatic band, whose future is not written given his lack of interest in commercial success but are definitely a band to catch in their moment!

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