NIGHTGLOW “Rage Of A Bleedin’ Society”

“Rage Of A Bleedin’ Society”
(Logic Il Logic Records & Burning Minds Music Group)

Battle Helm Rating

Not being familiar with this band makes it a bit harder to form any sort of opinion of where they have been and where they seem to be going with this new album. But from what I hear there is a sense of modern metal vibe to it. Mix it up with a more melodic side this ends up sounding like Meshuggah meets Disturbed or something to my ears. Or something similar. I have in the past been rather against modern metal but I’ve discovered that the more I listen to it the more I like it. I am not saying that I always understand where the bands are coming from musically, but I am starting to like more and more of these band’s music. This one is an interesting one that I will keep listening to. Anders Ekdahl

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