NIGHTQUEEN “For Queen And Metal”

“For Queen And Metal”
(Massacre Records)
I am of the persuasion that if a label is ready to spend money on your music/promotion then you can’t be that bad a band. There is no way that a label like Massacre signs a band with the intention of losing money on it. With than in mind and the fact that I’ve already interviewed Nightqueen I have pretty high expectation on finally getting to hear this album in its proper shape. Call this symphonic metal. Call it female fronted metal. All I know is that this is some pretty cool metal. I like the fact that Nightqueen doesn’t come off too cheesy. It could easily have been a cliché party but they manage to keep it true. There is an atmosphere to this album that keeps reminding me of stuff I like. I find this one hard to resist. Another Belgian band that gets my two thumps up. Anders Ekdahl

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