Nightwish – “Nightwish – Imaginaerum The Score”

Nightwish – “Nightwish – Imaginaerum The Score” (Nuclear Blast)

These Finns were already a top of the line symphonic metal band when they released “Imaginaerum” last year – now comes the film score re-interpretations by famed Finnish flautist Petri Alanko to the band’s highly anticipated movie! Filmed in Canada and featuring appearances by all Nightwish members (as well as the last appearance by vocalist Anette Olzon) the screenplay is the vision of lead songwriter and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen, essentially dealing with a dementia sufferer slipping into a coma whose only memories are that of a ten year old boy. Following on from “Dark Passion Play” and inspired by film directors like Tim Burton and painter Salvador Dali, “Imaginaerum” is expected to a lavish dark emo adventure. As such, Alanko’s score is built to similar lines and from the opening tracks, it’s clear that nothing has been spared in its perfection from grandiose production to orchestras and choirs in making the likes of ‘Heart Lying Still’ and ‘I Have To Let You Go’ deeply passionate but also powerfully inspiring. In particular the use of Uilleann pipes goes a long way to achieving this on the likes of ‘Sundown’ which bear strong similarities to the panoramic score in the film ‘Last Of The Mohicans’. I really admire what has been created here between Holopainen, director Stobe Harju and Alanko: “Imaginaerum The Score” isn’t just a rehash Nightwish’s material but rather a piece of art in itself, honoring the band’s original work with Olzon’s vocals and Emppu Vuorinen’s guitars while still being radically different. This is possibly one of the most significant moments in the history of metal and while not initially being my cup of tea, has now inspired me to go and see the movie!

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