NIGHTWISH “Human :II:Nature”

“Human :II: Nature”
(Nuclear Blast)

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A new NIGHTWISH album is like xmas to some of us. I am of that kind. I might have been late in catching the NIGHTWISH train but once I had hopped onboard it has been one hell of a ride. In my book NIGHTWISH has gone through different phases. One with Tarja. Another with Anette and now this one with Floor. All very distinctive yet never loosing that which make NIGHTWISH NIGHTWISH. As I listen to this new album, I get the feeling that there is a greater concept to it than previous albums. It feels as if it is one with Mother Earth, that it is organic. At first I thought of this as Andrew Lloyd Webber metal but then it hit me. This is the musical equivalent to the movie Avatar. This is as grand and spectacular as that movie and it seems to carry the same sort of message. When I listen to this I get transported away to a world so far away from everyday stress and BS. Listening to this is a pure joy. I feel that NIGHTWISH has yet again created an album that will stand the test of times for many years to come. This is pure joy. Anders Ekdahl

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