NIHILI LOCUS “Lyaeus Nebularum”

“Lyaeus Nebularum”
(Terror From Hell Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I am not sure if I ever bothered checking out NIHILI LOCUS when they were active, or more active than today. I don’t think so upon hearing this compilation, that is a rerelease of the 2016 compilation with two added bonus tracks as far as I can tell. I was there when the Italian brutal metal scene burst into life with bands like Bulldozer. Schizo, Necrodeath and Mortuary Drape. That was an exciting time in metal history. Even since those days I have always had a good ear towards anything Italian metal. the material on this comp dates back to 1992. To me music never gets old and this is proof of that. Listening to the oldest tracks on this you cannot really tell that they are 26 years old. This is stuff that could have been done by people not even born in 1992. This is a timeless document of a band that I feel I should have checked out much earlier. Anders Ekdahl

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