” Madness Incarnate”
(Symbol Of Domination)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a band name that I’ve come upon on several occasions but haven’t really had a chance to check out until now. I know that I am strange in that what most people hype about I find like in 3 times out of 5 to be bloody boring. So this could very well be either the best thing since sliced bread or just something totally ordinary. This is the kind of black metal that I don’t know where to place. It ends up somewhere between the American of bands like Wolves in The Throne Room and the more atmospheric end of European black metal (if that is even a genre). This is the kind of black metal that you give up trying to place and just listen to. I have a special place for atmospheric/melancholic/DSBM in my heart. And this CD found its way to that place very quickly. Anders Ekdahl

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