Nile – “Worship The Animal (1994 -The Lost Recordings)”

“Worship The Animal (1994 -The Lost Recordings)”
(Goomba Music)

Man, talk about a blast from the past! I wouldn’t exactly say these are ‘lost’ recordings but this is essentially Nile’s demo from back in 1994 which means some of you out there might not have been even born LOL. I have a special place in my heart for Nile given they were fatefully signed by Relapse Records at the Expo Of The Extreme in 1996, an event I had some involvement in at the time – as I recollect we almost didn’t allow the label into the venue owing to a mix up! With a unique middle eastern theme thanks to then drummer Pete Hammoura, Nile were a cutting edge death metal band who threatened to (and later did) take the levels of technicality of the genre to a new level. Seventeen years ago, however, the band were still finding their feet and as such songs like ‘Nepenthe’ and ‘Surrounded By Fright’ are certainly not the whirring hyper speed techno tornadoes that one might associate with the bands music today. Instead they are much slower and dirtier, almost doom like with ‘Mecca’ having a southern groove like Crowbar. So current fans of the band wishing to delve into the band’s distant past should understand this is a true demo – albeit well produced and still remarkable for the time, almost worthy of the gods themselves.

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