Nitrogods – “Nitrogods”

Nitrogods – “Nitrogods” (Steamhammer / SPV)

Holy crap, this German trio take Motorhead’s snake rattle n roll groove into a new league! Undoubtedly fueled by huge quantities of beer n whiskey, bassist / vocalist Oimel Larcher sounds so much like an 80s Lemmy that it wouldn’t surprise me if does impressions of the man LOL! And that’s the real key here – that 80s sound of ‘head, as well as bands like Rose Tattoo, AC/DC and even ZZ Top when they were no frills or effects, just plug in n play rock boogie bands. From ‘Black Car Driving Man’ to ‘The Devil Dealt The Deck’ this is classic rock personified in sound (if not in smell LOL – Ed) – hell, they even managed to get Nazareth’s Dan McCafferty to guest on ‘Whiskey Wonderland’ and the guv’nor himself Fast Eddie Clarke hittin’ that wah wah on ‘Wasted In Berlin’ – prepare for detonation!!!

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