Nitrogods – “Roadkill BBQ”

Nitrogods – “Roadkill BBQ” CD / LP / Boxset (Steamhammer / SPV)

Battle Helm Rating

I’m not sure why the Nitrogods included a bonus CD of Motorhead covers in their boxset, as this release could’ve very well been Lemmy & co themselves! Indeed, this 3rd album is dedicated to their fallen heros like the iconic frontman as well as Quo’s Rick Parfitt, not to mention other inspirations like The Who. A regular touring band especially in Europe, Nitrogods are often dismissed by some as a nondescript biker rock band despite being formed by ex Primal Fear guitarist Henry Wolter and including Freedom Call drummer Klaus Sperling. However, “Roadkill BBQ” has what it takes to dispel that notion once and for all. On this 3rd album, the band have clearly stepped it up several gears from upping their musicianship to most of all, some amazing songs that show a deeper level of composition without taking away the attraction of their bad ass motorcycle rock. With bassist Oimel Larcher unashamedly paying homage to Lemmy in his vocal style and strummed bass on ‘Wheelin”, Sperling obliges with double bass drumming and Wolter shows he’s learned a thing from Eddie Clarke’s prior guest slot with his snazzy lead breaks on this prime piece of fast n catchy boogie biker rock while on ‘My Love’s A Wirebrush’ the excellent slide guitar and rock n roll rhymes definitely evoke memories of Rose Tattoo in their glory days. Keeping it simple but deadly like Motorhead’s snake rattle n roll meeting ZZ Top in a dusty pueblo comes ‘A Los Muertos’, very slick in its polished riffs along with its deep n catchy chorus, even through Larcher’s tequila fried vocals. Continuing in fine style guitar comes the anthemic ‘The Price Of Liberty’, a slow but moving piece evoking memories of Ted Nugent especially with its wailing guitar complementing its passionate chorus. Best for me though, was ‘Boogeyman’, a dark heavy chugging rocker with its ultra cool n catchy swaggering chorus along with Wolters adding gem like melodies and once again, a devastating slide guitar to bring it all home on what must be Nitrogods best album ever. If you don’t know these guys then definitely check ’em out on this release!

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