Niva – “Magnitude”

Niva – “Magnitude” (AOR Heaven)

An AOR legend in Japan, Sweden’s Tony Niva has been in the melodic rock business since he first starting singing back in the mid 80s. Although cutting his teeth in bands like Vanessa, Swedish Erotica, Malibu Band and Axia, it was not until the mid 90s that Niva’s solo debut came out – sadly on an ill fated (and now long defunct) Japanese label that also screwed up their follow up release! Fast forward to 2011 and a song called ‘Janitor Of Love’ – actually written for the Swedish Eurovision song contest – that formed part of a demo created with partners (and today’s members of Niva) Roger Ljunggren and Marcus Persson. Ironically another Japanese label immediately signed them and released “Gold From The Future”, garnering Niva international AOR acclaim. Capitalizing on this resurgent success now comes “Magnitude”, a mixture of pomp rock and pure AOR magic! From Niva’s own clean, high end vocals to the even higher solos and oozingly harmonious keyboards, the emphasis is on genteel, uplifting melodies that shine brilliantly on songs like ‘My First And Only One’ and ‘Never Say Goodbye’. Every now and then they might rock it out and hit the drums a little harder like on ‘Always Somewhere’, but don’t fret, it doesn’t even cause the Richter scale to blip it’s that melodic in its magnitude.

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