I accept no consequence of my review of this band’s latest album. This is a very subjective assertion of personal taste. Not that I fear that NO CONSEQUENCE will let me down in any major way, or any way at all for that matter. But I do blame Meshuggah (again) for the existence of NO CONSEQUENCE. Without the sound of djent I don’t think we would have experienced this band in its format today. This is tech metal is there ever was such a thing. I have no idea what The Dillinger Escape Plan sounds like but I can guess that this comes close to that math perfection that seem to be the common denominator for that kind of metal. So if you have problems with bands that take out the turns wider than an over-sized lorry you better stay away from this. But if you have no problems with metal that twists and turns worse than an epileptic seizure you’ll find enjoyment in this. I know I did. Anders Ekdahl

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