NO DAWN “Dark Aura”

”Dark Aura”
NO DAWN! When I saw the name the first time I thought it was a lazy name. Something you come up with simply because you have to. But the more I got a feel for it the more I realized that it is actually a petty cool and simple name. As much as I love discovering new Swedish acts as much do I love discovering new Norwegian acts. If my memory doesn’t trick me too much this lot are from Norway. I’ve had some really great moments with Norwegian acts and this album doesn’t seem to be much different. I don’t know what it is that they have poured into the water in Norway but they’ve produced some really great metal acts, acts that don’t fear taking a different road. NO DAWN might not be that special sound wise (death/thrash/doomy) but they still manage to be interesting enough in what they do to make me listen with both ears. Anders Ekdahl

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