NO MAN EYES “Hollow Man”

“Hollow Man”
Another band with a band name that makes absolutely no sense to me. But I’m not here to judge the bands based on their names. I am here to listen to the music. And as long as the music is good I don’t really care too much about the name. Being described as heavy metal I had high hopes on this album. Right now I feel like a really cool heavy metal album would do my day. This wasn’t perhaps what I was looking for but it will have to do as it isn’t that shabby of an album. There is something to this album that makes me sit up and take notice. It is no classic Saxon or Iron Maiden or Judas Priest but I had not expected it to be that either. There is even a sort of thrash edge to this album. So if you could imagine an album somewhere in between the classic metal of the 80s mixed with a sort of Megadeth thrash vibe you might get an idea of where this album lands. This turned out to be just the fix that I didn’t know that I needed. Anders Ekdahl

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