NO RETURN ”The Curse Within”

”The Curse Within”
(Mighty Music)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a French band that I do remember. Not how they sound but from their logo. I might even have a record of theirs in my collection. That is how much I recognize them. Having formed in 1989 and released their debut record in 1990 we are talking about a veteran band on the French extreme metal scene. I might even have that debut album. And if so this is like a 27 year reunion. But since my memory is what it is all I have is this new album. And I gotta say that impressed the shirt of my back. Really cool thrash in the more extreme school. Perhaps with a touch of death metal. Listening to this brings back memories of hearing Loudblast, Massacra and all those cool French bands for the first time. A blast from the past but a very good blast. Anders Ekdahl

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