NO SIGN OF LIFE “Embrace Your Demons”

“Embrace Your Demons”
(Mighty Music)
No Sign Of Life does seem like the name of a punk of hardcore band to be honest. Or perhaps if stretched a thrash metal band. But seeing as it is released on Mighty Music we could at least expect it to be full of attitude to begin with. I kinda hope that this will be up there with Nuclear Assault circa “Game On”. But I might be worng on that one. I hear nothing close to Nuclear Assault on this album. Instead I get strong death metal vibe mixed with some more melodic metal. That the album has attitude there’s no denying. Don’t know what I think of the attitude though. To my ears this is nothing new. Don’t know if it is that interesting. The whole dual vocal thing has been done to death by now. It is time to come up with something new now. But the more I listen to this the more I find myself liking it. OK, it’s not the most original album but the songs dammit stick to my inside like glue. Anders Ekdahl

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