No Sky Today – “No Sky Today”

No Sky Today
“No Sky Today”
(Capital City Music Factory)

Whooaah – kick ass US hard rock and rolling groove! Fronted by Wayne Findlay (MSG) and Paul Jones (Robot Lords Of Tokyo), NST have a trippy but heavy groove added which kinda reminded me of Trouble back when they were on Def Jam. There’s also something else again with that Trouble connection, that the music isn’t contrived but that the Findlay / Jones collusion is based on a genuine spark of talent and dare I say it, honesty in the riffs and passion in the lyrics. Whatever the case, hard rockin songs like ‘Real Life’, ‘Final Hour’ and ‘Gear Grinder’ have already made their impact with over 40,000 Touchtunes digital jukeboxes playing them loud n proud in clubs, bars and diners rockin out across the USA.

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