Nociceptor “Among Insects”

“Among Insects”
I can appreciate technical advanced metal, even though I don’t play a single instrument. Dream Theater’s intricate tempo changes and notes per minute metal has always been a favourite. I like Atheist techno death metal and I find Fear Factory’s technical induced metal fascinating. And not forgetting Meshuggah. Had not this Umeå band ever come to life we as metal fans would have had an easier life. That Meshuggah rules is beside the point. Nociceptor might for us mere mortals just be a hard name to pronounce. Hopefully their metal will be easier to understand. While not being as easy and accessible as Fear Factory’s tech-induced metal Nociceptor have much in common with Fear Factory as well as a large dose of Meshuggah very eccentric metal. A mix that on paper might seem to complex and hard to penetrate does in reality work well. There’s a groove to it that keep it afloat. Anders Ekdahl

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