Here’s another band that has been going for a while now but doesn’t seem to have come too far, or as far as they’d liked. I’m not sure if I have heard any of their previous albums although it feels like I do. That’s the problem with a large collection and a really bad memory; you forget what you have and haven’t heard. For some reason I get a Xysma feeling about this record; that it could go in any direction whatsoever. This could be the most gripped out jazzy extreme album since Naked City, or it could be some of the greatest blackish metal to ever been released. From the first note I feared that this was going to be some tripped out psych metal but it turned out to be a not so bad album after all. Sure it is trippy and almost hippy like but it has enough qualities to make this time well worth invested if you like your metal dreamy and loose around the corners. Anders Ekdahl

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