Nocturnal Breed – “Napalm Nights”


Nocturnal Breed – “Napalm Nights” (Agonia Records)

Ultra Speed Cult from Norway!!! Featuring members and ex members of Gehenna, Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir and probably a zillion other bands comes the utter chaos of Nocturnal Breed (not forgetting their strippers – Ed). Formed by S.A Destroyer back in the mid 90s, these guys mix US n Euro thrash with a fair amount of snake rattle n roll a la Motorhead giving them a vicious beat like on ‘The Bitch of Buchenwald‘ also featuring Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone) on guest vocals no less! Elsewhere, like on ‘Flamethrower Ridge’ and ‘Under The Whip’ it’s a cement mixer on nuclear drive with S.A’s vocals wildly shifting from Paul Baloff’s insane shrills to Mille Petrozza’s hate spat lyrics whilst the guitars chugg n saw a la Sodom until the maniac soloing of Destruction comes piling in courtesy of reunited original guitarist I.Maztor. Needless to say the rhythm is like a speeding drag racer (out of control – Ed) guaranteed to send any rational person into a drooling thrashiac! Compulsory viewing live, I’m not sure why it’s taken so long – some 7 years – since we last heard from these guys (let’s see…drinking, shagging, sleeping – Ed) but I’m sure glad they’re back with their nasty but not too serious brand of thrashing mayhem. Metal to the bone so lock up your souls and daughters!!!

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