NOCTURNAL BREED ”The Whiskey Tapes Germany”

”The Whiskey Tapes Germany”
(Folter Records)

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I have been aware of NOCTURNAL BREED from the very early days, yet I haven’t really bothered to check them out properly. Perhaps that has been a mistake. This is an exclusive German release. A sort of thank you to the fans in Germany that has stood by the bands since 1996. 16 tracks that includes a whole host of covers as well as 4 special tracks exclusive for the German fans. You get covers of Death, Metal Church, Anthrax, Twisted Sister mixed with originals. This compilation is more a record for those already into the band than an introduction to the band for those new to them. If you are not familiar with the band I would rather start with any of the studio albums. I am somewhat acquainted with the band and this will not make me change my mind about them. I still think that they are a decent enough thrash metal band. Anders Ekdahl

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