NOCTURNAL FEAR/SEGES FINDERE ”Allied For The Upcoming Genocide”

”Allied For The Upcoming Genocide”
Split albums is often a pain in the ass. First of all you don’t know what you will get. Will the bands present us with new stuff, old stuff or just a bunch of covers? It is even worse if it is bands that you’ve never had any relation to before. I know nothing of NOCTURNAL FEAR’s and SIEGES musical endeavours. The first four songs are much greater than the two that follows. Not that they are bad in any way but they just seem to lack some of the drive that the first four have. This is the type of stuff that I have a hard time to label. Are NOCTURNAL FEAR and SEGES FINDERE thrash or are they death? I’d say that they are extreme thrash. This is the kind of stuff that is borderline. I still don’t like splits but this one is too good to ignore just because of that. Anders Ekdahl

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