“They Come At Night”
(Deathgasm Records)
In the murky dark of the night all kinds of strange creatures roam the earth. All with different agendas but none so vile as the creature they call Nocturnal Torment. With fangs like hooks it preys upon any unsuspecting victim. Sinking it jaws into anybody at the wrong place at the wrong time. Once in its grip there’s no escape. You are un-relentlessly trapped. Nocturnal Torment is like a cross between Slayer and Possessed times ten. This is raw and it is basic in all its glory. I find this kind of basic extreme metal to be an ear-cleanser of magnitude. Out with all the symphonic stuff and in with some back-to-basic kinda stuff. Not only does it bring forth a sentimental side to me but it also brings about a feeling of a simpler time. Not so much brain as guts. Sure, it takes it man or woman to sit through an album of this stuff but I guarantee that you’ll feel rejuvenated after a session together with Nocturnal Torment. Anders Ekdahl

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