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Battle Helm Rating

Back in the 90s NOCTURNUS was one of the greatest death metal bands because they were brave enough to use keyboard in their music. I remember the feeling I had when I got my hand on their demo tape. And how I felt when Earache released their debut album. but that was then. Now they are back with a new album and even though it was a hell of a long time ago that I listened to the debut it still feels like they pick up where that album left. With Mike Browning having a past in Morbid Angel it is no wonder that the first band I come to think of listening to this is just Morbid Angel. But NOCTURNUS have always been more technical. It is strange to sit here in 2019 and listen to an album that should have been made in early 90s as a follow up to “The Key”. It is like time has stood still. And I love it. Anders Ekdahl

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