Nôidva – “Windseller”

Nôidva – “Windseller” EP (Purity Through Fire)

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Featuring members of Finnish black metal bands like Sacrificium Carmen and Riivaus, Nôidva’s debut EP doesn’t just convey a harsh and icy sound that you might expect from the extreme north of the country, but also impressively delves into the folkloric and magical realms of Lapland shamanism both in style and spirit, thus evoking an ancient ambiance to match the black barbarism unleashed across the 6 impressive tracks here. Clearly with more to offer than immediate and irrevocable bloodlust, “Windseller” runs at close to 30 minutes during which time Nôidva’s material conveys plenty of thought, not just in the composing, but equally intelligent and catchy arrangements evidencing plenty of experience among the band members. A huge factor in making this band stand out, however, are the rich and powerful Scandinavian melodies that stylishly blend in with the icy riffing, harsh tortured screams and frantic blast beating of this quartet. Opening with the mid tempo title track ‘Windseller’ the folk melody, even through the raw guitars, immediately hooks you in as does the epic riffing which is deep and stirring, backed by Caenum Shaman’s synths – and when the ambient acoustics join in (briefly) you really know you’re onto something quite ‘different’ here. Led by another deep and irresistible folk melody, ‘Eclipsed By Goahti’s Blood’ only gets the blood pumping more as the speed increases with Šaman Cambion’s screeching only adding to the captivating effect in possessing your soul, while whirring but melodic guitars and Naimashlach’s fast double bass beats add even more pagan spirit to this stunning epic soundscape – awesome. Ending with yet another magnificent spell bounding melody on ‘Vindictive Old Ones’ amid the blurring furor, the passion is undeniable, especially when even more folk melodies join with the razor riffing as Cambion screams like an animal in the night – which you long to last forever. Something truly special, I look forward to hearing more from Nôidva, who truly captured my heart – and soul.

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