“Shades Of Red”
NOISEFUL SILENCE has that aura to them that this could be anything from the most brutal Meshuggah mangle to the proggiest of the proggy. You really can’t tell just from looking that art work. Judging by the look of the cover this has the potential either being a fish or a bird. I never got into the whole NU metal thing. It just didn’t do anything for me. In hindsight I might have missed out on some cool albums but you know what, I don’t really mind. I have no idea what that scene is like today but I do get sent occasionally albums by bands that are in part influenced by NU metal. NOISEFUL SILENCE being one. Apart from that influence this album got a whole host of other influences. Thankfully it avoids falling into the trap of trying too hard. You can listen to this without spotting all the different influences and getting annoyed because it is so obvious. Perhaps I should go back and discover what I missed out on that whole NU metal scene? Anders Ekdahl

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