Noisem – “Cease To Exist”

Noisem – “Cease To Exist” (20 Buck Spin)
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Well, far from the title suggests – Noisem are back! This ain’t a compilation or some old re-hash bulls–t but the real deal i.e. the Phillips brothers and old vocalist / bassist Ben Anft now back as a searing trio bringing their vicious mix of death, thrash and grind once more to smash you full on in the face!! Following heavy momentum from their 2nd LP “Blossoming Decay” and subsequent touring including the 2015 Decibel Magazine tour supporting Carcass, Gorguts and The Black Dahlia Murder, the band seemingly disappeared but now, after 4 years comes “Cease To Exist”, which changes all that. If anything, this 3rd album is Noisem’s most intense release to date, combining their intense music with incredible tightness resulting from their streamlining into a 3 piece. Likewise, gone are the teenagers who formed the band, with the 10 tracks here now reflecting their experience and maturity through subtle hooks, massive grooves and nasty melodies to tantalise as well as terrorise on the 56 second ‘Filth And Stye’ with its fast hammering drums and guitar machine gunning out catchy punk riffola, and all to the dark, haunting screams of ‘..stay away from me!!..’ from Anft along with his dirty ass bass. Trust me, it’s mean! Blastbeating in on ‘Eyes Pried Open’ its just a colossal stampede as the trio succeed in proving they are even more bigger sound wise than before as Sebastian Phillips’s wailing guitar makes way for a thrash groove as it squeals disturbingly probably suffering under all that shredding. Smashing straight in on ‘Sensory Overload’ the nuclear cement mixer goes into overdrive as Anft hews his bass viciously while screaming rawly about ‘..falling from grace..’ before a catchy slow headbanging piece completed tastily by whirring driller killer riffola is finally topped off by an insane solo closer. Recorded at Developing Nations by Kevin Bernsten (Integrity, Full Of Hell, Magrudergrind), mastered at Audiosiege by Brad Boatright (Obituary, Integrity, Black Breath), and completed with artwork by Ethan McCarthy/Cool Ghoul Ltd. (Primitive Man), “Cease To Exist” returns Noisem back from the dead, both leaner and meaner, along with a new label and lease of life!
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