NOMAD SON “First Light/Pilgrimages Of Doom” + “The Darkening”

“First Light/Pilgrimages Of Doom”
“The Darkening”
(Metal On Metal)
Malta might seem like a place of leisure only but once you scrape on the surface you’ll notice that there is a darkness lurking. Perhaps not the hot bed for metal that the US or Sweden are but still a place where you can find some pretty decent (great) metal acts. Let’s start with the rerelease of the 2008 album. As I’m not familiar at all with the band I have no idea what kind of doom they play. To me sounds like a heavier and perhaps also a bit proggier Candlemass. I don’t know if you’ll agree with me but now you will get some sort of idea what I think of this album. As a huge doom buff I find it hard not to like the 2008 album. “The Darkening” seems to be a more elaborate affair. There is more of a heavy metal feel to this album and perhaps not so much a continuation of Candlemass 8the air of Candlemass is still there). As with Chilean Bewitched there is something otherworldly about NOMAD SON that just makes it near impossible to not like them. Don’t go looking for a doom metal album. Instead look for a great metal album and you’ll find NOMAD SON’s “The Darkening”. Anders Ekdahl

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