Nominon – “Chaos In the Flesh… Live”


Nominon – “Chaos In the Flesh… Live” (Morbid Skull Records / Deathgasm Records)

Battle Helm Rating

So, after 22 years of terrorizing it’s the end of Swedish underground death metal legends Nominon? Well, I can think of no better way to go out than this torrid live album capturing the band’s performance at the Death Kills Festival in Stockholm last year. Don’t be expecting any HM-2 fuzz let alone death n roll groove in songs like ‘Undead Beast‘, ‘Malicious Torment‘ and ‘Release In Death’ – this is Swedish death metal before Swe-death came into being! Whilst there’s certainly plenty of feedback and growling vocals, along with machine gun riffing and pummeling drums, Nominon owe their allegiance more to the likes of 80s black / thrash, fueled by bands like Nunslaughter and Immolation, not to mention vast amounts of alcohol and of course, Satan. And it’s ugly man, real ugly. From Henke Skoog’s aptly titled ‘VoKills’ to Perra Karlsson’s Drums Ov Death and led by AntiChristian and founder Juha Sulasalmi’s slashing guitars there is absolutely no mercy on the 11 tracks here, all captured in dirty style with minimalist production. Whether Nominon return remains to be seen, but what is in no doubt is this complete slaughterhouse of an album.

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