NOMINON “The Cleansing”

“The Cleansing”
The first time I hear NOMINON I thought them to be totally crap. But that was then and it was a long time ago. Since then I’ve come to actually appreciate the band. I don’t even know if that album that put me off them actually is that bad. I have to dig it out to check it out again. This is death metal in that typical Swedish style that I like so much. You get the almost too dark and dirty sound that made demos by Nihilst and Entombed so great. You also get the songs. I’ve got to hand it to the band. They have kept at it for a long time now. And in doing so they’ve come up top notch. This is death metal that anybody into death metal should get their hands on. You’ll not regret it I can promise you. Anders Ekdahl

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