(The Triad Rec/Italian Extreme Underground/Nothing Left Records/Boned Factory)

Battle Helm Rating

This is a split between two Italian bands that I am not at all familiar with. And judging by this release I would not know of them had this split not come my way. Not because I don’t like the music that these bands play but simple because I would not have known of its existence. I don’t really know how to describe NOMURA. They have a doomy hardcore feel to their music, where they go from the slow and heavy to a total outbreak of hardcore-ness. In a way it makes me think back to the 90s and bands like Bl’ast or Negazione. NULLA+ has a more noisy black metal feel to their part of the split. Still with a hardcore-ness to it. And with a kinda progressive feel. Like I said, had this not come my way I would never have sought it out. This is not the stuff I usually listen to but now that I have had the chance I am glad that I did come my way. Of the two bands I like NULLA+ the best. Their hardcore-ish black metal (or is it the other way around) appeals the most to me. Anders Ekdahl

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