Nonpoint – “The Return”


Nonpoint – “The Return” (Metal Blade Records)

An alt metal outfit from Florida, Nonpoint are now onto their 8th album which must be a first for their kinda style with Metal Blade! Still, these guys can kick it with a heavy bottom end and even when they’re in a lighter, more groove orientated mode there’s a recurring theme of deep, emotional passion running thru the heavy riffs, melodies and harmonies no better exemplified that on ‘Goodbye Letters’. Bringing in a variety of genres no better reflected in the diverse vocals of Elias Soriano who blends rap rock, pure rock and rolling rap groove a smoother, less angry version of RATM or Wu Tang Clan springs to mind but equally Prime Sth with those strong guitar melodies and even WASP in those raw chorus harmonies. Its certainly diverse, and very American sounding with a definite pulse of energy from all the musicians on songs like the heavy assed soul of ‘Never Cared Before’, the impassioned ‘Take This World Apart’ or the Alice In Chains trippy soul meets Helmet’s brutal chop on ‘Forcing Hands’. Amazingly it all works and has been since this 4 piece formed 17 years ago. Closing out a year of touring behind 2012’s self-titled record, which yielded the Active Rock radio hit ‘Left For You’, Nonpoint entered Groovemaster Studios with Grammy Award nominated producer Johnny K (Disturbed, Staind, Megadeth) and amped up their aggression while not forgetting their passion on this choice album, that melds Prince with Trent Reznor and plenty of heart. Nonpoint is back, the stage is their battleground, and they’ve been destroying ’em since 1997!!

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