NOOKIE “Exceptions (Исключения)”

“Exceptions (Исключения)”
(Sliptrick Records)

Battle Helm Rating

As much as I struggled against it in the beginning I have no surrendered to it. Not completely. It doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. What you might wonder? Modern metal/metalcore. Today I can listen to it and like it. it is as with anything in life. If you let yourself be embraced by it, you will eventually like it. the better you get to know something the more you’ll understand it. And now I like it. Like this album from Russian singer NOOKIE (Daria Stavrovich). This is her third album under the NOOKIE banner. I haven’t heard any of the previous two but I do like what I hear on this third album. It is chaotic and it is melodic, with an energy level that is very high. This really got my heart beating at an alarming rate. And that is the way I want my music, to endanger my health. This was a really nice surprise. Anders Ekdahl

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