NORDAFROST “Dominus Frigoris”

“Dominus Frigoris”
I have no idea what winter is like in Germany. I can imagine that it means a lot of rain and gray skies but very little snow unless you go up the mountains. Which is why I can understand why so many German bands seem to have a fascination for the winter landscapes of Scandinavia. This is a rerelease of NORDAFROST’s first demo. Not being familiar with them previously I have no idea how they have progressed over the years but what I hear on this CD I like. There is a charm to their early black/death metal that still holds up today. What you get is basically a very primitive and down to earth kind of metal. With this material being old we can’t really talk about it being retro but if you like bands like Nifelheim and the likes then this will be for you (if you already have the demo there are unreleased bonus tracks on this CD that might entice you). I’m glad that this band came my way. Anders Ekdahl

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