(Maple Metal)
I like to laugh. I love comedy. Never got it when it is mixed with music though. NORDHEIM might look like jokers in their promo shots. Making me think back to bands like Wehrmacht or Ludichrist that kinda mixed fun with seriousness with music. Kinda like Municipal Waste does today. Never was a great fan of that back in the day. Don’t know if it is that much funnier today. Musically this is much better than their humour. NORDHEIM is basically a black metal (or is that Viking, pagan, heathen). There is an epic feel to their music. Like it could have been party music a thousand years ago (had they had electricity). You know the feeling I’m after. Just like Satanic Penguins you gotta ignore the exterior and concentrate on the interior to get to the good stuff. Anders Ekdahl

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