NORDKVÄDE “Visdom och Makt”

“Visdom och Makt”

Battle Helm Rating

This is one of those kind of bands that can be anything from fish, bird or in between. This could be the greatest thing to ever have been released. Or just something that will be forgotten as soon as the music silences. I won’t know until I have dissected this one in minuscules pieces. This is good old classic Swedish black metal the way it was done by Arckanum, Ancient’s Rebirth and those kinda bands back in the 90s. Full of aggression and very primal and basic. I have always been a sucker for stuff that is up tempo, and this is for sure up tempo. Yet there is a heaviness to it that makes for an interesting listening. This one really impressed the hell outta me. I came into it with no prior knowledge and I leave it feeling fulfilled. This was one awesome positive surprise. Anders Ekdahl

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