NORDLAND “European Paganism”

“European Paganism”

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When you name your album “European Paganism” I expect it to be a really magnificent and epic metal journey. I wouldn’t mind of this UK band carried on the torch that Bathory left burning when Quorthon passed on. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like NORDLAND does that. Oh well, perhaps the next pagan/black metal band I encounter will do so. Musically this reminds me of… I don’t really know. Somehow I expected this to be more epic and grander than it is. In a way it does remind of Satyricon of today playing the black metal of yesteryears. It has that groove to it. I am not gonna say that this sucks because it doesn’t. it was just not what I had hoped for. Listening to it after I have reset my mind frame I find myself enjoying it. This a really good album. Anders Ekdahl

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