NORHOD “The Blazing Lily”

“The Blazing Lily”
NORHOD has that whole beauty and the beast vocal combo that made Theatre Of Tragedy so great in the 90s. The world has come a long way since then but still to this day I can’t seem to get enough of that sort of goth metal. It’s like once you’ve found the pot of gold you want to find it again. So you keep looking. And you keep looking until a band like NORHOD comes along and put you in the right direction of that pot of gold. This is goth metal the way I kinda envision it. The battle between good and evil, where you don’t really know which side to vote for. I’d rather listen to this than read a goth novel. This gives me the same kind of pleasure as it gives those reading the Twilight Saga. I’m closer to finding my pot of gold. Anders Ekdahl

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