Battle Helm Rating

US black metal is not one cohesive mass of metal. depending on where you come from the black metal that is being played differs. You got your Profanatica on the east coast. You got your Wolves In The Throne Room on the Northeast coast. All very different in sounds and attitude. NORTHWIND WOLVES hail from sunny California. Being a black metal band in Los Angeles is almost an oxymoron. It is not the first thing you think of when you think city of the angels. But hey, I am not one to complain. I take a BM band over a hair band nay day of the week. NORTHWIND WOLVES have a symphonic streak to them. With all the different and really cool styles of black metal in the US I except the exceptional for me to be totally blown away. This does not blow me away completely. It does leave a bit to ask for but hey, better room for improvement than no room at all. Anders Ekdahl

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