Nostoc – “Ævum”

Nostoc – “Ævum” (

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Well, I’m not sure how much of an extreme metal scene Costa Rica has, but if its somewhat limited, then you could always take inspiration from Nostoc and just roll it all together into one awesome package! Black metal, death metal, groove metal, dark metal – hell, these guys must’ve captured every sub genre here – along with a healthy dose of modern prog to ice it all off nice n sweetly! What impresses most though, is the sheer talent inherent in their composing and bringing it all to life brilliantly through their superb musicianship, which their bio sez ‘they spent years honing’ and judging by the high technical level of the 7 tracks on this debut I have no reservations in believing!! From fluid, precision drumming that explodes with power all over the place to the sheer diversity of Freddy Lopez’s vocals and the truly blinding guitar work David Miranda songs like ‘The Anamnesic Voyage‘, The Artisan’ and ‘Saturnian Mindscope Introspection’ truly resonate elite levels that these central americans should be well proud of – although not to make an understatement, the album as a whole kept me listening and constantly excited from start to finish. Don’t be put off in any way either by the ‘prog’ label or the intelligent song titles, “Ævum” is indeed extreme metal but its quality has certainly had a fair amount of brain power driving it. A truly impressive release that begs Nostoc be signed immediately!

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