Nothing – “Guilty Of Everything”


Nothing – “Guilty Of Everything” (Relapse Records)

Philadelphia’s Nothing, formed in 2011 by Domenic Palermo, have been destroying the eardrums of audiences throughout North America for the past 2 years with their 130 decibel smashing post punk akin to Trail Of The Dead and Slowdive. Nothing’s sound reminded me a lot of the so called shoegazer bands around 1990, characterized by massive walls of noise played through hyper strummed guitars often droning out any melodies albeit in the most ambient of moments. Palermo’s hush vocals and their accompanying trippy harmonies equally follow the trend in taking a backseat in the mix whilst even the typically shattering drumming is also subdued in the dirge of songs like ‘Hymn To The Pillory’, ‘Bent Nail’ and ‘Somersault’. Still, the beauty does shine magnificently when those guitars bleed heart grabbing melodies drawn from punk, grunge and yep, shoegazers like the renowned My Bloody Valentine, having a mesmerizing audio visual impact on the senses through their intense effects driven soundscapes. Dark as it is, “Guilty Of Everything” may be Palermo’s catharsis following prison but to me it is like a rising star shining its brilliance upon a whole new generation of young people and for that he should feel absolution.

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