Nothing Lies Beyond – “Fragile Reality”


Nothing Lies Beyond – “Fragile Reality” (

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While there may not be anything original about this young Israeli band, what they play and moreover, how they play it is certainly worth talking about! Formed 5 years ago, Nothing Lies Beyond recorded a demo ‘Fading Beyond False Eyes’ and then hit the local circuit, playing small club shows which eventually led them to appear with the likes of Salem, Dark Tranquility and Children Of Bodom. Undoubtedly influenced by In Flames especially in the twin guitar work of Tal Perets Singer and Danny Mishkit, as well as At The Gates and Soilwork, Nothing Lies Beyond play a very impressive brand of Gothenburg influenced melodic death metal, complete with Ido Asa’s alternating roars and screamo, which at times adds a metalcore element to the music. Certainly aggressive, its those hugely powerful melodies however that deliver the awesome passion on songs like ‘Lost’, ‘Another Place’ and ‘Never Back Down’, all of which have a poignant theme not to give up and instead battle with one’s inner demons, making this eye catching debut something quite special indeed.

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