NOUMENA “Death Walks With Me”

“Death Walks With Me”
(Haunted Zoo)
OK, NOUMENA might be on their fourth record by now but I can’t seem to remember them from back in the days. Yet I can’t get over how familiar the name seems. I might have to look through my Ns just to make sure that I don’t have an album or two by them in my collection. OK, this is like big time. I guess that I gotta have some Finnish ancestry in my blood because I can see myself stuck in the Finnish woods listening to this all day long. NOUMENA are supposedly a prominent Finnish melodic death metal band but that I hear none of on this album. This is melancholic death metal in the very best My Dying Bride school. Exactly the kind of melancholy that gets me all fired up. This is the sort of metal that I can blast at full volume every hour of the day. All hail the Finns. Anders Ekdahl

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